Kondolencebrev fra ETF

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Vi har modtaget følgende kondolencebrev fra vores europæiske venner.
Dear colleagues,
It was a shock when we heard about the terrible rail accident just at the beginning of the new year, on 2nd January 2019, on the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark. With sadness we learnt that the tragic accident resulted in in the death of now 8 persons and many more injured.
ETF presents its sincere condolences to the families, loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues of the victims of this tragic accident. On behalf of more than 5 million transport workers from 41 European countries we also express our solidarity to our Danish affiliates and all railway workers in this difficult moment.
Such an accident confirms how important it is to give priority to railway safety and to proper investment in the railway system to guarantee its safety. It puts again into relief how important it is to fight for railway safety and to make sure that no cuts and no savings are done in this domain for the passengers’ and railway workers safety in both freight and passenger transport.
We hope that a proper and independent accident investigation will give answers to this tragedy.
In solidarity,